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Silk Benefits From Daphne

From The Maker | 6 Benefits Of Your Silk Hair Piece

Silk as a fabric oozes elegance and could certainly be seen as the main reason to purchase a silk scarf from us at Sunshine Frankie. But did you know there are actual benefits to wearing silk scarves? Silk may be seen as a small luxury, but can also have a great effect on health. 

1. Silk scarves are great for your hair

"Silky smooth" isn't just an expression. Wearing silk in your hair can help keep it soft, moisturized and free of tangles. Unlike cotton for example, hair will slide on silk, which makes it much less damaging day or night.

Leading on from this, sleeping on silk at night can also keep your hairstyle intact. Top tip if you don't own a silk pillowcase -  lay a silk scarf out on your pillow before sleeping for the same effect.

hair on bed

If you have heavy textured or curly hair, sleeping on silk will keep those braids and blowouts preserved for longer without adding frizz. Depending on how you wear it, a silk scarf can also keep your hairstyle intact during the day. Dream!

2. No more irritant skin

Silk is much more delicate on the skin than rough cotton. The friction from cotton can irritate your skin any pimples you may have, potentially making them worse.

Cotton also absorbs more moisture and grease from your hair and skin overnight, creating something particularly gross on your pillow.  Silk on the other hand will help retain your skins natural moisture, meaning you wake up to beautifully hydrated skin with less irritation. Great if you have dry skin!

lady touching shoulder

4. It's hypoallergenic

Silk has a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens. If you're one of those that wake up sneezing, sleeping on silk may work wonders. Rashes and stuffy noses no more!

4. Good for regulating temperature

Light, breathable and airy, silk is so much better than materials like cotton to regulate your temperature. Going back to cotton absorbing all that moisture and sweat, this is the last thing you want while out enjoying yourself in the beautiful sun. Silk wicks away any moisture to help keep you dry and cool.

5. Silk can improve relaxation and sleep

For all the reason above, you're in for one great sleep. If you have experience with silk, you are well aware of the luxurious feel. And if you've yet to try silk, what are you waiting for!

Simply put, silk is comfortable. With the natural sheen and softness, the touch of silk to your skin and hair can make a world of difference when settling down to sleep. The ability of regulating your body temperature is a must, and the softness of the material can help your nervous system relax and keep your sleep stress free.

lady sleeping in comfortable bed

Times of stress during the day? Pull your silk scarf from your hair and stroke it or touch it to your face. Trust us, those worries will just melt away.

6. You'll look awesome!

Alright, less scientific sure - but still worthy. With all the awesome, fun designs possible on your silk scarves, you can really stand out from the crowd. Certainly with our designs being a little less traditional, we know you'll make your mark.

And it's not just the designs, scarves can be worn in so many ways! Neck, wrist, handbag, hair a multitude of ways - you may need more than one!