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About Adaline's

Adaline's is currently an online-only boutique based out of Central, Pennsylvania. We carry handcrafted items made by our owner and other amazing small businesses throughout the state. 100% commited to providing amazing quality and customer service while bringing you the best handcrafted items right to your home! When you shop small with Adaline's, you're supporting multiple small businesses at once. We ALL appreciate you. 

About The Owner

Joanna graduated with her BFA in Photography in 2016 and shortly after started working for a small Custom Jewelry Store located in Central, PA as their Director of Marketing and Photography. After almost 5 years of working there full-time, she decided it was time to do more. Adaline's was always a brick-and-mortar "pipe dream" in her eyes and it continues to be in many ways. However, she knew it was possible to start now! Exploring creative avenues, supporting incredible makers throughout the state, and encouraging people to support small and local whenever possible.

Why Adaline's?

From The Owner - 

The name Adaline came from my grandmother, one of my very favorite people, who passed away in 2017. This businesses brings together three generations of my family - with the logo being in my mother's handwriting. 

 "A little bit of everything, a labor of love" came to me shortly after deciding to open my store. While it speaks to the store itself, selling a variety of items and being a homage to my family, I also believe it is relevant to all small businesses. Each handcrafted item - a labor of devotion, of craft, of talent...of love. I hope you love it here, too.